PATA Charter of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

The Pacific Asia Travel Association will, by example and facilitation, provide leadership towards the achievement of environmental and economic sustainability, cultural preservation and social responsibility by the travel and tourism industry in the Asia Pacific region.


PATA pledges to:

  • Promote and recognise best practice in sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Ensure that PATA events achieve the highest standards of social responsibility and, in turn, create minimal negative environmental impact
  • Advance the role of tourism in poverty alleviation, social cohesion, cultural awareness and the preservation and maintenance of human dignity
  • Identify and promote the adoption of mechanisms, guidelines and practices to better measure, manage and reduce environmentally harmful impacts and resource depletion
  • Establish, undertake and promote education/ training programmes and knowledge exchange networks aimed at achieving best practice management and operation of travel and tourism activities
  • Establish alliances and partnerships with appropriate organisations that strengthen the effectiveness and expand the reach of PATA’s environmental and social responsibility programmes
  • Encourage investment and development of services and infrastructure that minimise adverse environmental impact, support social advancement and community engagement and promote cultural authenticity and preservation



At the 50th PATA Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 2001, PATA adopted and undertook to promote the APEC/PATA Code for Sustainable Tourism.

In addition, the PATA Traveller's Code was approved by the PATA Sustainable Tourism Committee at its April 13, 2002 meeting in New Delhi, India.



Our efforts in encouraging sustainable practices in the visitor economy are ever-evolving. This is just a starting point and we value your feedback and suggestions to guide us towards a future we can be proud of. Please email your thoughts to: