PATA Phlippines LPU Manila Student Chapter General Assembly

Posted: Tue 8 Jul, 2014 10:59 AM

PATA Phlippines LPU Manila Student Chapter General Assembly

Last July 08, 2014 Wednesday- the Pacific Asia Travel Association LPU Manila Student Chapter had their first ever general assembly at the JPL Hall of Freedom starting 1pm to 5pm hosted by Axel John Olleres (Publicity and Public Relations Director) together with his partner Jasmin Labicasi who is a student from the College of International Relations. The stage production and design was made futuristic by putting up the touch of huge long neon fibers of green and orange and negative UV lights, use of masks and white garters, and balloons of the same colors. The program started with an opening prayer and Philippine national anthem followed by the presentation of a very electrifying performance brought by the LPU Les Damme and LPU Dance Troup, and the Circulo Musikero. Second part of it was the opening remarks and inspirational message led by the LPU Executive Director for Planning and Development, Dir. Christina Aquino. Then, a very short audio-visual presentation about PATA and its entire network was also shown followed by the talk of Ms. Aubrey Guinto, the Liaison Officer of PATA Philippines wherein she explained what’s really all about and going to happen in the organization. Part of the show was the induction of the officers followed immediately by the oath taking. In addition to that were other performances by the Queen Bees whose lead singer is Julia Monroy, the incumbent Secretary of the CITHM Student Council 2014-2015 and the reigning Ms. CITHM 2014, followed by Joseph Flores and a finale song by Circulo Musikero. Moreover, the event included an interactive game hosted by the segment hosts Keith Torres (the incumbent PRO of CITHM Student Council 2014-2015) and Rey Buesing who is an alumnus from College of Arts and Sciences. The program ended by an another video presentation showing the happenings of the whole event, created by DOP: Donald Toboso, Chu Perez, Jenerick Sallao,
Director & Editor : Emman Zii, Bgm: Fred Astaire - San Cisco.

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