PATA China YTP Challenge 2014 hit Greater China

Posted: Fri 22 Aug, 2014 12:54 AM

PATA China YTP Challenge 2014 hit Greater China

Under the guidance of PATA China (Beijing) Chapter, supported by Zhejiang Tourism Administration and Hangzhou Tourism Commission, PATA China Young Tourism Professionals Challenge 2014 (PATA China YTP Challenge 2014) was initiated by School of Tourism and City Administration, Zhejiang Gongshang University. Launched in April, the solicitation of the preliminary was brought to a successful conclusion, receiving 41 entries from universities across China including Shanghai, Tianjin Province, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province and Macau SAR.


PATA China YTP Challenge 2014 serves as an arena for young tourism professionals to compare notes, inspire the imagination and polish their ideas. Taking the “Year of Smart Tourism” as an opportunity, the Organizing Committee is dedicated to expanding the influence of the competition. Focusing on “Smart Tourism”, the competition is well poised to collect inspirational designs for tourism products and remarkable ideas for marketing, attract talents with potential and innovativeness for tourism, build a long standing, collaborative framework among governments, universities and enterprises, so as to invigorate the booming tourism industry.


On the basis of fair scrutiny and full discussion, the bidding works will go through preliminary and the final selection by the Organizing Committee. The top ten selected from the preliminary will be submitted to the secondary round for final approval and the winning teams are previlieged to have professional experts for in depth guidance to refine their entries. Teams promoted to the Final are supposed to present full-fledged works in a delicate and meticulous way (via PowerPoint, video, etc.). The assessment result will be unveiled and released according to their creativity and availability. Winners, whose project could be put into market for the ultimate translation into business value, will be awarded with a substantial amount of reward and a certificate jointly authorized by PATA and other renowned agencies. Moreover, they will also be entitled with precious access to internships and job opportunities recommended by experts.


All entries are now in the course of assessment. The list of expert judges is as follows, according to surname ranking.




 Mr. George Cao

 Dragon Trail Interaction

 Founder and CEO

 Mr. Xin’an Chen

 Zhejiang China Travel Service Group Co., LTD

 Deputy General Manager

 Mr. Bo Li

 Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Cente

 Deputy General Manager

 Mr. Hong Li

 Hangzhou Tourism Commission


 Mr. Dan Pan

 Hangzhou Tourism Promotion Center

 Planning Department


 Mr. Minghui Pu

 Travo Inc

 Founder and CMO

 Mr. Chengshe Wang

 Zhejiang Tourism Information Center


 Mr. Jack Wang

 U-tour World

 Vice President

 Mr. Mark Wang

 China Travel Service Head Office (Beijing)

 Co., LTD

 Inbound Tourism Center

 Deputy General Manager

 Ms. Qin Wang


 Mr. Bo Wu

 Pacific Asia Travel Association

 Director of Greater China

 Mr. Peng Xu

 Zhejiang Tourism Administration

 Deputy director general

 Mr. Kaigang Yi

 School of Tourism and City Administration,

 Zhejiang Gongshang University



At the end of the assessment, the list for promotion will be issued on the official websites, Weibo and Wechat by the Organizing Committee. The participants will be informed via e mail. Particulars will be mentioned in the following news. Thank you all for the continuance of your confidence and support!


For more information:

Official Website:


Weibo:  @亚太旅游协会官方微博 @PATA浙江工商大学学生分会        



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