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  • Receive unsurpassed PATA industry reports and publications, including
Publications Value (US$)
‘Issues & Trends’ (4 reports/year in soft copy) 300
2. Bi-monthly PATA Compass Magazine
3. Weekly updates on ‘News@PATA’ N/A

Total value 330.-
  • Receive 50% discount on the following publications
Publications Saving value (US$)
1. Asia Pacific Tourism Forecasts 750
2. Total Tourism Reports 600
3. Annual and Quarterly Tourism Monitors 500
4. Realising China's Tourism Potential 600
Total saving value 2,450.-
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PATA is the respected voice of Asia Pacific travel and tourism. The industry can count on PATA to represent our collective interests in good times and bad

Mr Hiran Cooray,

Managing Director
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