Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Resources

UNWTO contact numbers

For updates, travelers visiting Japan by air are advised to consult a dedicated website established by the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau: http://www.mlit.go.jp/koku/flyjapan_en/.


Further information covering all aspects of the response of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan, as well as information regarding the radiation dose in Tokyo Bay and at sea in the region can be found on the following websites:





The UN agencies involved in the monitoring process are the World Health Organization, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the World Meteorological Organization, the International Maritime Organization, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the World Tourism Organization and the International Labour Organization.

*Information concerning travel and transport to and from Japan by air or sea is not dependent on the INES rating.


Further information concerning health aspects is available on the website of the World Health Organization: www.who.int

ICAO Newsroom: http://www2.icao.int/en/newsroom/default.aspx


Useful post-tsunami emergency contact information and news resources

(Updated 22 March 2011)


WHO has uploaded a Q&A on the crisis in Japan addressing health concerns associated with Japan’s nuclear power plant crisis.  Access to the Q&A here: http://www.who.int/hac/crises/jpn/faqs/en/index3.html

Status Report issued by Narita Airport: http://www.narita-airport.jp/en/index.html

IATA has set up a web page outlining government requirements by country for operations to Japan. This is being updated as information is received. Access to the website here: Measures Imposed by Governments for Flights and Passengers from/to Japan.

Japan earthquake disaster site: http://www.sinsai.info/ushahidi/

Travel Tips For Helping Americans Evacuate: http://www.petergreenberg.com/b/Japan-Earthquake-News:-Travel-Tips-For-Helping-Americans-Evacuate/-595342611065296429.html


For people in Japan:



An emergency line has been set up for non-Japanese speakers, on 050 5814 7230 and 03 5366 6001. English, Chinese, Korean are available 24 hours a day. Portuguese and Spanish between 9am-8pm.

Check the phone number of family and friends:

Docomo: http://dengon.docomo.ne.jp/Einoticelist.cgi?es=0
AU: http://dengon.ezweb.ne.jp/E/service.do?p1=dmb221
Softbank: http://dengon.softbank.ne.jp/pc-e1.jsp

A free public phone service is in operation in the areas affected.

Person Finder: http://japan.person-finder.appspot.com/?lang=en

Google Response site: http://www.google.co.jp/intl/en/crisisresponse/japanquake2011.html


Emergency Messaging Service:

If stranded and you need to message someone, dial 171, then 1, then your own home phone number, then leave your message. To pick up a message, it’s 171, then 2, then your home phone number (the number you think the stranded person would have left).


Tsunami Information:

Tsunami Information: http://www.jma.go.jp/en/tsunami/


Shelter list and map:


View Google map here.


 Information from the U.S. Department of State


U.S. citizens may contact the Department of State at JapanEmergencyUSC@state.gov and the emergency contact numbers below.


Updated information on travel and security in Japan may be obtained from the Department of State by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the United States and Canada or, for callers outside the United States and Canada, a regular toll line at 1-202-501-4444. For further information, please consult the Country Specific Information for Japan, as well as the Worldwide Caution, which can be found at www.travel.state.gov.


Source: http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/pa/pa_5377.html


Information hotline of Sendai city: 022-265-2471, 022-224-1919 (Eng, 24)