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About PATA Intern Associate Programme


The PATA Intern Associate Programme provides students with the opportunity to learn about PATA and PATA activities including advocacy, research, membership, and events. The PATA programme has attracted intern associates of different nationalities from various destinations and backgrounds around the world. PATA intern associates will be required to perform operational, support, and administrative tasks in various parts of the organisation at PATA Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.



The key areas of the organisation include:

• Membership

• Marketing and Communications

• Event Management

• Research and Statistics

• Human Capital Development

• Corporate Social Responsibility

• Photography and Video production


Please click here to view the defined tasks within each of the areas of the organisation


PATA provides on the job training with senior staff members to all intern associates, benefiting both the student and employer. Intern associates are given certain tasks and assignments depending on their interests in each business function.


Reasons to join the programme


• Boost your knowledge of the Asia Pacific tourism industry in areas such as Aviation, Hospitality, Government, Travel Agencies, Destination Management and Tour Operators

• Contribute to PATA’s portfolio of activities within the Asia Pacific region

• Recognised international experience with a highly respected international organisation to add to your CV

• Build your international network of contacts from different sectors in the industry

• Exposure to office culture and practises

• Network with potential future employers

• Build communication skills with staff and associates from various nationalities and cultures

• Gain direct experience from well-known senior managers and directors to boost your profile

• Opportunity to attend or assist international events organised or endorsed by PATA

• Experience with working in a team and individually


Conditions of the Programme

The following conditions are offered to Intern Associates:

Location: PATA Headquarters, 28th Floor, Siam Tower, 989 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand


Duration: Three (3) months (In certain instances this may be increased)


Working Hours: 9.00am – 17.30 (Full time- 5 days a week)


Who are we looking for?


PATA is looking for enthusiastic, hard-working and highly motivated studying or recently graduated students.


You must be at least 20 years old, and be able to live and work in Bangkok for a period of three (3) months. Candidates will also be required to possess a certain level of English capability, as English is the working language of the PATA office.


Candidates who possess the following languages will be given priority, including Arabic, Asian languages, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French.


What do I need to prepare?

1. Your details (general information)

2. Education & working experiences

3. Knowledge of Language

4. Which area of PATA you are interested in?

5. Timing and References

6. Any other information to support your application


What do previous Interns say about the programme?

"I am part of the PATA Family! We celebrate each other’s birthday, cover each other up when there are unfinished duties, gatherings and hangout with people from different countries!

It’s a dream to be in a career that we like. I dream of making the tourism industry a better place for everyone especially youths as I was the chairperson for PATA Malaysia Taylor’s Student Chapter and it has exposed me to PATA HQ’s internship program. Through my internship, I get to connect with “Industry Changers” and student chapters. Being able to assist student chapters gives me great satisfaction.

PATA HQ gave me a wider and clearer view of the tourism industry and it has also helped me to open more doors for my future in the tourism industry. Glad I made the right choice." JC Wong, Degree in International Tourism Management (Recreation), Malaysia.


"I like to work at PATA because all of the work is for a better world through tourism. It's really great experience to work and hang out with other interns from different countries. Learning new things related to my interest in daily work makes me study more. I have a better understanding of PATA’s role and relationship with my country than before. It would be difficult to see insightful trends & issues of tourism in Asia Pacific region if I couldn't get the internship opportunity. People at the office are all friendly." Emi Kaiwa, Master of Business Administration in Tourism Management, Japan.


"I am so thrilled to be an intern in PATA at the last semester of my university study. I think being an intern at PATA is a life-changing experience.

First and foremost, it is not just a great chance to enhance my working capability but also excel interpersonal skills. PATA has a wonderful multicultural working environment, staffs and interns from approximately 15 countries. Folks here are awesome, from bosses to intern friends.

Apart from that, I have acquired a better understanding of tourism as well as NGOs since working in PATA. Other than this, we always pursue innovation, and not be stereotypical. I especially appreciate that we have attended various novel workshops provided by the young entrepreneurs who are invited by PATA.

Last but not least, some of the senior Chinese interns are working in PATA China office. By dedicating to PATA, we are on our way to achieve decent career as well as win friendships." Wang Jingqiu (Lydia), Bachelor of Arts (Education), Chengdu, China.



"It is awesome to be a PATA intern! Through working in PATA, I could learn more about aviation business. As I was interested in aviation, PATA let me research it for six months. Apart from research, I had many chances to meet industry experts in PATA, including internal workers and people from the PATA events. It was great to hear their experiences in the field. Moreover, I could also learn the relationship between aviation and other tourism industries as PATA encompasses a wide range of tourism industry.

I also learned team work by working together with interns from different countries such as youth travel research and basic administrative work.

Above all things, the most important experience for me was to get to know people from different countries, including PATA workers, interns and external personnel. I strongly believe that this intern experience will brighten my future career." Moon Youl Rim, Bachelor of Arts (Economics), Korea ROK.



"My name is Marcella and I’m an intern from Nicaragua. I have a Masters in Environmental Studies from Macquarie University where I took classes in Sustainable Tourism and Organizational Change for Sustainable Development. Entering as an intern two months ago I was mentally prepared for anything – photo-copies, form-filling, etcetera, but have actually had an exceptional interning experience. PATA’s internship program takes into account the personal development of their interns, directing one’s skills and drive to be put to good use. With each task I’m assigned I can feel the base of my future career building up. Furthermore, my transition so far away from home has been pleasant, as my coworkers are friendly and welcoming to every member of the team. PATA is a great place to immerse oneself in the field of responsible travel." Marcella Bunge, Masters in Environmental Studies, Nicaragua.


How can I apply?

You are invited to complete an application for the intern associate programme. This questionnaire includes applicant details, language skills, and your education and working experience. You will also be asked to explain why you wish to work at PATA, indicate the area you wish to work in, and upload your CV.


To begin the application process please click here. For further information, please contact Parita Niemwongse at


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