Japan Aid Movement






The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has launched an appeal through the PATA Foundation to raise funds for disaster relief in Japan, following the devastation there.


Click 'Donate Now button' to make a donation to the Japan Aid Movement.

The donation will be channelled to the affected areas through the PATA Japan Chapter.


We urge all members of the travel and tourism industry to come together in a spirit of compassion and support us in this appeal.


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Why Donate to the PATA Foundation? 

When you donate to the PATA Foundation, you:

  • Contribute to a cause in which you believe 
  • Support activities that will indirectly benefit you and the region 
  • Donate to a foundation with a proven record 
  • Help save habitats and wildlife 
  • Support the conservation of cultures, arts and crafts 
  • Assist the restoration or conservation of heritage sites 
  • Provide opportunities to students from less affluent communities 
  • Encourage the education of travellers and hosts 
  • Aid destinations recovering from crisis.

Fund Categories

  1. Culture and Heritage Conservation Fund
  2. Environmental Protection and Climate Change Mitigation Fund
  3. Relief , Rebuild and Recovery Fund 
  4. Education and Training Fund
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Types of Donation

  1. Unrestricted Donations
  2. Restricted Donations that fall into two categories:
    • Donors may restrict the use of their donations to one of the five fund categories
    • Donors may restrict the use of their donations to projects within a specified Asia Pacific sub-region.
  3. Project Sponsorship is available to donors who wish to sponsor a recommended project in full or as a joint sponsor.
  4. Bequests

To donate to the PATA Foundation, please contact PATA Foundation Coordinator, Kay Kornchalee.  E-mail:

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