Chapter Handbook

This Handbook is intended to provide answers to questions that are frequently asked by leaders of PATA Chapters – particularly newly elected executive officers.

It provides a historical background of the development of PATA Chapters and a general understanding of the relationship between PATA and PATA Chapters. Of special interest to Chapter leaders are the board guidelines for the administration of PATA Chapters including the duties and function of Chapter officers.

For those intending to set up new Chapters, the handbook spells out the step-by-step procedure. It also provides a set of useful annexes for references and future communications.

We trust this valuable Handbook will become a useful guide for PATA Chapters leaders worldwide and is presented in the spirit of service to our members.

Effective date: April 12, 2012
Superseding policy date: April 15, 1989
Written by Bert van Walbeek
Edited by Chuck Gee

Chapter Handbook : Download File Size: 466 KB.

Student Chapter Handbook :  Download File Size: 494 KB.