Young Tourism Professionals from China awarded after month-long Visitor Economy challenge

Author: PATA China Nankai Student Chapter
Posted: Mon 3 Jun, 2013 10:47 AM



TIANJIN CHINA – A month-long challenge organized by PATA China’s Nankai University’s Student Chapter culminated in a presentation and awards ceremony at the school’s College of Tourism and Service Management on May 26, 2013. The Young Tourism Professional’s challenge tasked 25 teams to think about what the “Visitor Economy” means to them and find ways to explore new tourism opportunities.


After two rounds of fierce competition, two teams from Nankai University won first and second place. Three teams hailing from Beijing Forestry University, Fujian Normal University and Zhejiang Gongshang University took home the third prize.


The five teams stood out amongst twenty five participating teams with their creative ideas, persuasive business plans and impressive presentations. The teams used innovative new ideas including e-Commerce, tourism personalization design, human capital management and tourism experience patterns as part of their submissions.


Their intellectual concepts and unique presentations reflected the next generation’s perspective about the new trends in tourism.


“We feel greatly honored to have had the opportunity to participate in this challenge and feel lucky to be selected into the finals,” said Pang Wenwen, Li Sixuan, and Cao Xueyao, winners of the first prize.


The challenge was support by the PATA China Office and the universities, who provided professors to tutor and guide students to ensure their plans were creative and realistic.


“This challenge was highly beneficial to us, especially the instructive advice we received from the judges today,” said Wenwen, Sixuan and Xueyao. “We will use their advice to improve our business plans and focus on the innovation of tourism products to attract the attention of experts and entrepreneurs, who can help make our projects a reality and provide opportunities for us to develop our innovations.”


The concept of the Visitor Economy introduced at the 2013 PATA Annual Summit in Bangkok, aroused a new way of thinking about travel and tourism. This challenge was designed to encourage students to pursue this new idea and develop feasible business plans that would encapsulate this concept.


Participants from other universities who didn’t achieve their goals said the challenge was still worth participating in as they received recognition and valuable guidance from the judges.


Bai Changhong, Dean of the College of Tourism and Service Management at Nankai University attended the finals and presented the awards to the participants. Judges included Chang Hong, PATA Regional Director-Greater China, Wang Chunfeng, Vice President Beijing UTour International Travel Agency Co., Ltd, Fu Rao, General Manager Beijing Sino Innovate Tourism Culture Media Co., Ltd and Yao Yanbo, (Deputy Dean of MTA Administration at Nankai University.



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