Weekly Chapters Update - PATA Member Checklist

Author: Ben Montogomery
Posted: Thu 22 Jul, 2010 3:59 PM

Dear PATA Chapter colleagues,

Feedback from the fans dictates I should move my weekly message to Thursday so you can hear from me sooner!

This week I have a simple checklist to share with you which will help you to make use of PATA benefits completely. It will help you answer those you meet on why you are a PATA member - and why they should become one. For Chapter members, this list will help you to justify whether you are ready to become a PATA International Member while retaining your Chapter membership. 

1) Have you checked our new website?
It is your opportunity to connect with other PATA members, showcase your company, promotions and products, and create business leads. We recently launched this platform to create new professional connections within PATA. PATA represents YOU and more than a thousand other companies within the tourism industry in the Asia Pacific region. Visit www.pata.org

2) Did you update your company profile yet?
You can update your profile with some simple ‘clicks’. Use pictures of yourself to put a face to your name and encourage different visitors to reach your company. Business visitors are often looking at the profiles of members. Try to be up-to-date.  Visit www.pata.org/members

3) Tell the world and all the PATA members the latest news about your company.
Post updates of your profile on the wall for all PATA members to see. Send us your press releases and important information; 20,000 subscribers want to know your highlights. Link and promote your company's activities at www.pata.org/news and send your news to editor@pata.org

4) Any specials available?
Do you want to share discounts, special packages or promotions, with PATA members? Engage our robust subscriber list. Upload your promotions to your companies profile and post a link on the wall to drive traffic to your site. Email the details of your promotion to editor@pata.org

5) Are you a PATA networker?
You can use your PATA network to build your business and enrich your professional relationships with other companies. Communicating with the other members on the website may provide cost-savings; you can take advantage of their PATA member product discounts and earnings, even as you advertise your own special offers. By collaborating, you may find new partnerships that create a unique value for your consumer. 

6) Do you have the right staff?
Upload your job openings directly onto your company profile to draw the attention of travel industry experts as well as emerging students.

7) Want to know more about PATA footprints?
There are many shades of green and different ways to grow in a sustainable direction. We compile tips, ideas and experience from our members and leading research in the field, to help guide practices that will not only cut costs, but preserve the tourism industry by protecting the environments that inspire travel. Visit www.pata.org/Footprints

8) Want to know more about TIGA?
PATA recently launched Travel Intelligence Graphic Architecture (TIGA), an exclusive service for PATA members that provides travel and tourism information relevant to the Asia Pacific region. You are able to get this information on demand anytime, anywhere, from your personal computer or mobile device. Visit www.pata.org/tiga-faqs

9) Have you connected to your local chapter?
Support your community and connect with businesses in your area.  Stay in touch with your partners and friends by gathering at local events to network and share ideas. Visit www.pata.org/Chapters

10) Do you use the wall?
The wall is a discussion board for PATA members. Post jobs, promotions, links to your site, questions, ideas, curious questions, news, and anything else that is on your mind. This is a forum for member discussion where ideas and questions can be answered and commented on. The more activity you have on the site, the higher share of voice your company will have, drawing clicks and interaction by getting attention from other PATA members. 

11) Do you already follow us?
PATA is very active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. We manage all information that comes together and give you an updated review of what’s going on in the Asia Pacific region. So please follow us as a friend.

Please contact me should you require any assistance. I look forward to hear from you.

Kind regards,

Ben Montgomery
Director - PATA Chapters
Skype: ben.pata


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