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Author: Ben Montogomery
Posted: Thu 22 Jul, 2010 4:01 PM

Dear Chapter friends,

This Friday in Bangkok it is very hazy from the rain. The visit of Honorable Dr, Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of UNWTO, to the PATA office this morning brightened things for us. He is in town for 2 days.

Time flies and we are now in July. May I update you today of what have been happening with PATA Chapter Development in 2010?

    * Completed a draft of new Chapter Bylaws at the Worldwide Chapter Meeting in Kuching, Malaysia in April  which is awaiting the approval of the PATA Executive Board.

    * 39 Chapters have your Chapter profile page on www.PATA.org.

    * Established an online forum for Chapter questions, discussion, debates and general knowledge transfer. Chapter Members are encouraged to write Blog on PATA website. http://www.pata.org/blog  

    * Every Chapter member is able to create their own individual profile within the chapter page. A visit to the Chapter page, will show a list of all your members that have registered. There is a link to the personal and/or company profile of each of your members. Please create your profile now and invite your Chapter member to do the same. Please contact me if you need help. http://www.pata.org/Chapters  

    * Chapter Admin can update events and activities associated with their Chapter. The events are all shown on PATA Chapter Events page. http://www.pata.org/events/category/pata-chapter-events  

    * PATA & Chapter Events

          o PATA Adventure Mart’s organisation was successful as a result of the hard work of the PATA Nepal Chapter.
          o With a successful of PATA Exchange by the PATA UK Chapter, there is a definite opportunity for PATA together with PATA Chapters in Europe to develop small-scale, affordably priced marketing events - especially around WTM and ITB (formerly known as our go-betweens).
          o Joint PATA & PATA Malaysia Chapter Business Forum in Kuching is a case study for PATA to develop a model for organizing events with Chapters.

There is tremendous interest for PATA to work with Chapters to organise smaller events, seminars and training programmes on marketing, social & media relations, HRD, crisis management, revenue management, production training etc. PATA Head Office is looking at establishing a mechanism to properly organise events using Chapters’ and PATA’s limited resources in the near future. 

Lastly for this Friday, as you might already know, Mr. Renton de Alwis is now with us at PATA Head Office for a short term assignment, to advice us on Membership and Chapter Development. I am learning so much from him. On the other hand, I wish to hear from you more often. Please let me know how can I serve you better, as a member of PATA Family? My Skype name is ben.pata. I look forward to talk to you soon. If you are on Skype talk to me when you can. If you are not do visit the website www.skype.com and sign up for a new account. Skype to Skype communications are free and it’s a great way to have face to face communications.

Kind regards,

Ben Montgomery
Director - PATA Chapters


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