PATA Chapters Message - Punam Mohandas, new Communication director

Author: Ben Montogomery
Posted: Thu 22 Jul, 2010 4:04 PM

Dear PATA Chapter colleagues,

This week, I would like to introduce you to our new colleague at the PATA headquarters, Punam Mohandas. Punam is our Communications Director who joined PATA early this month. She is a very lovely lady from India. Punam brings with her great experience and expertise to help us sharpen PATA communications.

Learn more about Punam:

At present, as you all well know, the website and social media communication tools are very powerful, and we would like to make sufficientl use of them. Punam and her team (Parita, Nida and Merritt) are now here to assist us. Please feed her with your Chapter’s news and press releases. This includes any of your own travel-and-tourism related stories that you would like to share with our stakeholders.

Please feel free to contact Punam at or Skype her at punam mohandas. She looks forward to working closely with you all.

Till next week then, take care.

Kind regards,                               

Ben Montgomery

Director – PATA Chapters

Skype: ben.pata 


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