Memories of Bill Lane

Author: Lakshman Ratnapala
Posted: Thu 5 Aug, 2010 12:21 PM


PATA Founder and Life Member Bill Lane with  Lakshman Ratnapala, PATA President & CEO 1992-1997   at the Foreign Travel Club of San Francisco , 2009

I was particularly saddened to receive the news, as Bill and his beloved wife Jean were personal friends of my wife Barbara and me. They always made it a point to attend our twice-a-year dinner parties.  An excellent raconteur, Bill held the attention of those gathered around him with stories of PATA's beginning and evolution, while Jean chipped in with tales about PATA spouses.

Bill was delighted when I invited him to be the keynote speaker at the Foreign Travel Club of San Francisco some time ago, and he arrived with Fred Rae, former publisher of the Pacific Travel News (PTN), official magazine of PATA.

I last met Bill as recently as two months ago, on June 8, at a California Travel Industry Association dinner celebrating the presentation of the tourism ‘Stewardship Award’, which Bill received with great pride. Not bad for a 90 year old! That was Bill -- always charming, always active and above all, always dedicated to the cause of tourism.

Lakshman Ratnapala

PATA Life Member 

PATA President & CEO: 1992-1997


Author: Chuck Gee, Life member, PATA
Posted: Tue 17 Aug, 2010 11:24 AM

Not only was Bill instrumental in assisting the establishment of PATA from its early inception years, but he was also a generous donor to our association's many causes, ranging from financial bailout of the PATA news magazine when it was in trouble, gifts to the PATA Foundation, and underwriting the first and second edition of ‘The Story of PATA’ through the research arm of the University of Hawaii School of Travel Industry Management. During the PATA Annual Conference at Nagoya in the late '90s, he announced the establishment of the Ambassador L W ‘Bill’ and Jean Lane Lecture Series in Sustainable Tourism and the Environment at the UH - TIM School through a large gift of US$500,000. The Lane Lecture Series stand as both legacy and testament to his unstinting commitment to the perpetuation of values in environment, peace, and education, through the doors of tourism and PATA.

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