Chapters Weekly Update - Reginal Directors' half year report

Author: Ben Montogomery
Posted: Fri 30 Jul, 2010 12:19 PM

Dear PATA Chapter colleagues,

This has been quite an interesting week. Post the PATA executive board members meet on Friday 23 July 2010, the regional directors came over to our Bangkok headquarters for a four-day management meeting. We were busy  updating each other with what was happening in our respective areas, and what our plan for the rest of the year would be.

Starting from the Americas (, Barbara Bryant and Kathleen Tripptree stated they are looking forward to welcoming both the sellers in the North American Pavilion, as well as the buyers from the USA and Canada, to PTM 2010 in Macau.

Marion Buttler ( from PATA Europe said that she was pleased to once again bring the largest group of buyers from the European region, to PTM2010. PATA is an official partner of UNWTO in promoting World Tourism Day that will take place in Guangdong, China on 27 September 2010. Please refer to World Tourism Day 2010 website for the associated activities. Prior to WTM on 5 Nov 2010, the PATA Go Before will take place at Munich Airport. Interested parties may please contact PATA Bavaria Chapter at

Chris Flynn ( from PATA Pacific told us that TIDES2010 held in Samoa in February, proved to be a very successful event, with delegate feedback coming in as overwhelmingly positive. The process of planning TIDES2012 has already begun, and more information will be provided on this following the PTM in Macau.

Kate Chang ( from Greater China gave us the very interesting information from China National Travel Administration (CNTA) that  China’s outbound travellers may top 52-million in 2010. The number of domestic tours throughout the year in China is likely to reach 2.12-billion people, which is up 13% year-on-year!

My week has been very interesting. What about yours? Any news?

Kind regards,

Ben Montgomery
Director – PATA Chapters
Skype: ben.pata


Author: Ben Montgomery
Posted: Tue 3 Aug, 2010 12:15 PM

Thank you very much, Darren.

Author: Darren Ng
Posted: Fri 30 Jul, 2010 3:48 PM

I personally find the weekly Chapters update very useful. Keep up the good work.

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