Award of Merit

The PATA ‘Award of Merit’ is given to individuals who have consistently contributed to the Association and the PATA chapter network over an extended period.  A very loyal and supportive member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association has received a PATA Award of Merit at the PATA Annual Meeting in Zhuhai, China.

Award of Merit 2014_Shiv Kapuria

Mr Shiv Kapuria, Area Sales Manager -N.E & Caribbean, Air India, USA and Chairman of PATA New England Chapter won Award of Merit for his dedication to PATA.  Shiv's drive in celebrating Asia-Pacific has led to a number of success and areas of recognition.


2013 - Bangkok

Mr Bill Calderwood, Managing Director of The Ayre Group Consulting, Australia won Award of Merit for his numerous services to PATA for over a decade through diverse avenues involving significant leadership roles.


Mr Bernhard Clever, Director Sales Development - North America, Air China Limited, USA and Chairman of PATA Southern California Chapter won Award of Merit for many years of contribution to the work of PATA Chapters in north America.


2012 - Kuala Lumpur

Ms Muriel Anderson, Chairperson of the PATA Hawaii Chapter, won an Award of Merit for dedicating her professional career to the development of travel and tourism in Hawaii

Mr Tom Nutley, Treasurer and former Chairman of PATA UK Chapter won an Award of Merit for many years of contribution to the work of both the PATA UK Chapter and to the PATA Board and assorted committees.


2011 - Beijing


Barbara Doyle from the Colonial Kiwi Comfort Accommodation received the PATA ‘Award of Merit’ for the pivotal role she has played in PATA’s New Zealand Chapter, supporting a range of activities and initiatives which helped strengthen the industry whilst bringing the delights of the country forth to a worldwide audience. She has also served as a member of PATA’s Industry Council, PATA board and PATA committee.


Elly Hutabarat, president-direct, PT Pantravel, Indonesia, has been a  PATA board member as well as chairperson of the PATA Indonesia Chapter. She has also served as a president and vice president of many organisations, namely, the Association of Indonesia Travel Agents (ASITA); ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA); Federation of ASEAN Travel Agents Associations (FATA), and Indonesia-Australian Business Council.


Past Awards of Merit

2013     Bill Calderwood and Bernhard Clever

2012     Muriel Anderson and Tom Nutley

2011      Barbara Doyle and Elly Hutabarat

2010     Mr John King

2009     Mr Luzi Matzig and Ms Pilar Laguana

2008     Mr Soon-Hwa Wong and Mr Peter Trautmann

2007     Mr Tim Robinson

2006     Mr Brian Cuthbertson and Mr David Paulon

2005     Capt CP Krishnan Nair and Mr Mohan Prasad Khanal

2004     Klaus Billep, Hiran Cooray and Tony Thirlwell

2003     Datuk Abdullah Jonid, Mr Kevin Murphy and Ms Margaret Wilson

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