About PATA Chapters

Currently 43 PATA Chapters and  12 PATA Student Chapters around the world assist local travel industry communities. PATA Chapter membership is generally on an individual basis. Participation occurs on a level, with individual joining the PATA Chapters in the regions. PATA Chapter members participate in Chapter activities, promotions, education and training programmes, Divisional Chapter Meetings.

PATA Plans for PATA Chapters

  1. Develop new Chapters worldwide. Create Inbound Chapters in North America and Europe. Support recruitment of Inbound and Outbound Chapter members.
  2. Revise existing Chapters. Equalise Inbound and Outbound activity support. Revive Chapters that are inactive or insufficiently supported.
  3. Assist Chapters to recruit new members. PATA sees it as vital to support Chapters to have an active and growing membership as precursor to full PATA membership. Help Chapter organise their networking, revenue-generating, recruiting activities and events by;
    • Chapter twining: pairing a strong Chapter with a weak one and/or an experiences Chapter with a new Chapter.
    • Developing activities for PATA members' employees to join in at the Chapter level.
    • Develop online and offline tools with Chapters and guides for Chapters to recruit industry people into the overall PATA fold, firstly at the basic Chapter level.
  4. Develop Chapter's sustainability program. Have all Chapters appoint their own "Green Officer" to co-ordinate environmental focus, assist members to work within the Chapter of Sustainability & Social Responsibility and liaise with local/regional authorities and companies on green credentials. PATA HQ to co-ordinate the Green Officers.
  5. Sell PATA and PATA members' product/services to Chapters. Whenever appropriate and at an appropriate premium, establish a shared revenue mechanism to disburse revenues between Chapter, PATA and the PATA Foundation for Member Products/services offered through Chapters.
  6. Improve Chapter communications. Ensure all Chapters are online -
    • Create a presence, community and link from www.PATA.org
    • Place Chapter events online- Establish a forum for Chapter questions, discussion, debates and general knowledge transfer
    • Register all Chapter members online
    • Promote and assist Inter-Chapter networking events and trips
    • Recognition of Chapters through appropriate awards.
    • Include Chapters in appropriate PATA events such as Chapter Day
  7. Global Chapter Task Force
    • Review and update the current Chapter by-laws
    • Gather all Chapter information
    • Create Chapter Database
    • Conduct a Brand compliance review for each Chapter
  8. Support Chapter roadshows and regional meetings.
    • Develop a basic "display kit" for roadshows to promote PATA, Chapters and their activities around each Chapter's region. Assist Chapters not currently active in this area to organise these meetings. PATA can assist with sourcing and using services, products and case studies/examples of Best Practice.

Chapters liaison

Ms. Sutarat Chalothorn is your liaison at PATA HQ in Bangkok on all Chapters issues. To contact Sutarat, email: chapters@PATA.org