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International Tourism Partnership / Green Hotelier


The International Tourism Partnership drives responsible business within the hotel industry by engaging with the world’s leading hotel companies.

We turn responsible ambition and good ideas into positive action. We do this by sharing best practice, offering practical products and programmes and facilitating collaboration in one of the world’s biggest industries. Issues we address include human trafficking, sustainable supply chains, carbon emissions, water conservation, fair labour standards and youth unemployment.

Some of our leading programmes include the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative, now used by over 21,000 hotel properties around the world, and Youth Career Initiative, an innovative hotel-based solution to youth unemployment.

For our members we provide a non-competitive platform for leaders to share ideas, build relationships and work together on making the industry more responsible. For hoteliers around the world, however big and small, we provide access to valuable information and resources at no cost, allowing them to drive their own responsible business agendas. Resources, commentary, insight and news are available via the online magazine

View ITP’s Destination Asia Pacific Case Studies and Know How Guides here.


International Tourism Partnership / Green Hotelier
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