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CITHM Logo Launching (5th June 2014)
PATA Philippines LPU Manila Student Chapter- one of the newest established organizations in Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila will launch the new logo of College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management which will stand as the organization’s first project. The new logo signifies the new status of the college’s branding which was changed to four different bright colors and icons symbolizing the four major programs offered by the campus, namely tourism, cruise line, hotel and restaurant management, and culinary. Actually, it is already used by some but it is not yet formally launched. The said project proposal will be held at LPU Quadrangle, wherein, majority of the students and faculty especially from other colleges will witness its grand launching. Furthermore, it will be organized by different organizations under CITHM. 

Pinoy Chikka (29th July 2014)
PINOY CHIKKA- the second event would be all about the “New Face of Tourism”. It is a forum which focuses on the new trends of tourism in the near future. The student chapter invited its respective well-known speakers namely Dr. Vicky Belo of Belo Medical Group in the Philippines who will discuss the growing medical tourism, Ms. Mina Gabor, the former secretary of Department of Tourism who will discuss the newly introduced Agricultural Tourism and  Ms. Gina Lopez who will confer the topic- Ecotourism. The said event will be organized at the Muralla Ballroom, The BayleafHotel

Fam Trip (10th August 2014)
“FAM TRIP” - is a short name for "Familiarization Trip". The purpose of the trip is to give our audience a "snapshot" look at the region and all of the schools in a single trip. This enables them to see firsthand exactly what goes on and gives them a genuine feel for the place so they can recommend it others. The student chapter hasn’t made its initial plan when and where the said event will be held. *

Hub City Forum (16th September 2014)
HUB CITY FORUM-PATA's Hub City Forum will bring together key travel and tourism industry stakeholders and thought-leaders, government leaders and media representatives to examine critical issues facing then industry within the country.

Lyceum Platinum Awards (25th November 2014)
LYCEUM PLATINUM AWARDS-a comprehensive, biggest, and most prestigious awards program will be the last project of PATA Philippines LPU Manila Student Chapter contributing to the travel and hospitality industry of the researches, survey, and gether information for the said event.

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Mr. Roberto Zamora Zozobrado

Muralla St. Intramuros, Manila, Philippines

Office: (+632) 5278251-56 loc. 117

Mr. Jopo Gian P. Delloro

Mobile: 09263986474

Vice Chairman
Miss Zhanel Irene V. Pangan

Mobile: 09175270556

Publicity & Public Relations Committee
Mr. Axel John C. Olleres

Mobile: 09068105399

Marketing Committee
Mr. Danmarc D. Santos

Mobile: 09364260675

Education Committee
Miss Alyssa Cristel S. Atienza

Mobile: 09057759578

Workshop Committee
Mr. Argemm O. Alvarez

Mobile: 09264717200

Miss Maria Angela C. Solidum

Mobile: 09165724637

Miss Kim S. Laurente

Mobile: 09157259600

Research Committee
Mr. Charles Patrick M. Estupin

Mobile: 09166969638

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